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You'll call it "Intercepts made Easy."
We call it the LI-5B.

The LI-5B is a purpose-built surveillance platform for Ethernet, IP and MPLS networks. This fanless, small form factor platform integrates 8GB of solid-state NAND storage with four 10/100 network interfaces, and uses less than 11W of power. It is an ideal surveillance platform for small to medium-sized telecom network operators, wireless ISPs, universities, and other organizations with government-mandated fiduciary compliance requirements. A perfect CALEA solution, the LI-5B offers best-in-class performance, flexibility, and economics. The optional ability to run non-CALEA applications increases the value of your investment and makes this platform truly unique in the industry.


The LI-5B is tailored toward specific needs in the areas of lawful intercept, network intelligence collection, and communications policy enforcement. The LI-5B is a complete turnkey Lawful Intercept solution fully contained in a proprietary hardware/software platform. Offering the most affordable approach to CALEA and other lawful intercept requirements, the comprehensive system is designed for flexibility and can be enhanced to support several other applications related to network surveillance.

Key Advantages of the LI-5B Network Surveillance Platform:

•Allows for drop-in technical CALEA compliance
•Communicates directly with law enforcement using Safe Harbor standards such as T1.678, T1.IAS, and several others
•Able to pair with another LI-5B to deliver a virtual tap anywhere in the world
•Provides both IAP/Probe and Mediation functions
•Performs dialed digit extraction using multiple methods
•Records network traffic with intelligent ring buffering
•Surveils networks using deep packet inspection
•Enables carrier-class performance and stability
•Exceeds standard LI criteria selection capabilities
•Uses advanced firmware-update to support evolving LI standards
•Allows add-on applications to operate on separate physical interfaces
•World-class surveillance that fits in your backpack or briefcase

Value-Add Solution

Packet Forensics adds value and reduces costs and installation challenges by using a unified hardware/software solution. This approach eliminates the expense of traditional systems that require separate IAPs and mediation devices, and integrates these functions into one streamlined system. This approach also avoids back-haul of data from edge collection probes back inside the core to mediation and then out again to the LEA. Management and maintenance of the single device is also greatly simplified to save time and reduce steps to comply with time-critical intercept orders.

Specific LI for Specific Court Orders

Unlike many competitive solutions, Packet Forensics' surveillance software goes beyond identifying voice traffic and gives it the special handling it deserves. Instead of delivering a data intercept containing voice, our solution uses the proper mediation methodology and delivery protocol to treat voice intercepts differently than data intercepts. This affords you the most specific form of compliance while doing the best job of upholding the privacy of your constituents.

Specs at a Glance

  • Feature Highlights
    Ethernet, IP & MPLS Probe
    Dialed Digit Extraction
    Integrated Mediation Server
  • Network Interfaces
    4x 10/100 Copper
    Need something faster?
  • Storage Capacity
    Up to 8GB NAND
    B-Y-O-D Options
    2x USB 2.0
  • General Specs
    10.75 x 4.5 x 1.75 inches
    Need rack-mount?
    OS in NVRAM
    Multi-LED Status Display
    Fanless, No Moving Parts
    Energy Efficient (11W)
    Managed via Serial
    Managed via SSH
    Managed via GUI
  • Optional Features
    GUI for Windows/MacOS X
    Covert Feature Set
  • Performance Characteristics
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  • Other Contact Information
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Intercept Support

  • Targeting
    RADIUS Triggers
    DHCP Triggers
    Protocol Fields
    User-Defined Logic Chain
    Static Characteristics
  • Voice over Packet
    MGCP (partial)
  • Data Intercept
    Unaltered Frame Forwarding
    Short Term Storage (ATIS)
    Chunked PCap capture

Other Standards Support

  • Voice over Packet
    RFC 3261
    RFC 1889
    RFC 2833
    RFC 2198
    RFC 2327
    RFC 3077
    RFC 3924
    RFC 3378
    RFC 3031
  • * = Performance characteristics and published statistics are examples only and are dependent on operating environment and software policies.

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